Eye Podcast Episode 2 | Fazelminallah Qazizai


    We have hosted Islamic Law graduate and author Fazelminallah Qazizai from Kabul in the second AfghanEye podcast. Qazizai is the co-author of Night Letters: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and the Afghan Islamists who changed the world; the first ever English biography of Afghan politician Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The three discuss common misconceptions of Hekmatyar, his life, his ideological motivations and his political activities prior to, during and following the Saur Revolution and Soviet invasion and ten year long occupation of Afghanistan.

    You can buy the book here: https://www.hurstpublishers.com/book/night-letters/

    Contact Qazizai: https://twitter.com/FazelQazizai