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The Afghan Eye Podcast provides a counter-narrative to what mainstream media portrays of Afghanistan. We challenge stereotypes about Afghans and Muslims in general that have been instrumentalised in the War on Terror.

  1. Gulmakai Saleh | #EndAfghanStarvation
  2. Ashok Swain | The Prospects of a Taliban government in Afghanistan
  3. Afghan Eye Live: The fall of provincial capitals in Northern Afghanistan
  4. Habib Wardak
  5. Fatima Ayub
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Sangar Paykhar
Sangar Paykhar is a freelance journalist and commentator on Afghan current affairs. He was born in Kabul 1982. During the Afghan civil war of the 1990's his family were forced to relocate the Netherlands. He graduated from The School of Governance and Global Affairs in the Hague and he has studied Journalism at post graduate level in Leiden University. Mail:

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