The Afghan Eye Podcast provides a counter-narrative to what mainstream media portrays of Afghanistan. We challenge stereotypes about Afghans and Muslims in general that have been instrumentalised in the War on Terror.

Ashok Swain | The Prospects of a Taliban government in Afghanistan The Afghan Eye

After the fall of the previous regime on 15 August, the Taliban are now the de facto government of Afghanistan. Sangar Paykhar spoke to professor Ashok Swain about the prospects of a government led by the Taliban. Ashok Swain is a Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, UNESCO Chair of International Water Cooperation, and the Director of Research School of International Water Cooperation at Uppsala University. He has been a Mac Arthur Visiting Fellow at the University of Chicago, Fellow at UNRISD, Geneva; and visiting professor at University of British Columbia, University of Maryland, Stanford University, McGill University, Tufts University and University of Natural Sciences and Life Sciences, Vienna.E-mail: Ashok.Swain@pcr.uu.seTwitter: @ashoswaiSupport the show (
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