The Afghan Eye Podcast provides a counter-narrative to what mainstream media portrays of Afghanistan. We challenge stereotypes about Afghans and Muslims in general that have been instrumentalised in the War on Terror.

Fatima Ayub The Afghan Eye

 In the 25th episode of The Afghan Eye Podcast, Sangar and Ahmed-Waleed host Fatima Ayub: a senior political analyst with over two decades of experience working on Afghanistan in organisations like Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group and the European Council for Foreign Relations. Sangar asks Fatima about what drove her, as an Afghan woman, to study about Afghanistan, as well as the fallacies Fatima encountered when working within international organisations with regard to Afghanistan. Finally, Sangar and Fatima exchange views regarding the role of Afghan diaspora in the future of the country. Fatima Ayub on Twitter: Support the show (
  1. Fatima Ayub
  2. Daud Khan and the Saur Revolution
  3. The Impossibility of Nation Building
  4. The Politically Incorrect History of the Durand Line
  5. A critical review of the Afghanistan Study Group's report
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