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UPDATE: The Afghan Eye Documentary Project: £20,000

Photo: Henry Söderlund, Flickr
Photo: Henry Söderlund, Flickr

We have raised a significant amount in the last few days and we have purchased some of the equipment. Below, the items that have been purchased are crossed. We are still hoping to raise the remaining amount.

In 2020, we launched The Afghan Eye website. Not long afterward, we also launched The Afghan Eye podcast. We asked you to donate in order for us to buy all necessary equipment. We have now reached our target and are fully equipped to produce podcasts, run the website, pay for hosting services and do regular livestreams. It was with your support that we raised more than £3000, as well as having a small reserve for future expenses.

The counter-narrative that we provide as an independent platform, however, cannot be limited to just articles, podcasts and livestreams. We want to travel across Afghanistan, report, and shoot documentaries. In order to do such, we once ask you to support us in taking our counter-narrative to the next stage. We have made a calculation of all expenses. We expect that the minimum amount needed for optimal video production is a little more than £10000, in addition to travel expenses. This takes our total to roughly twenty thousand pounds sterling (£20,000). Below is the list of the necessary equipment for documentary film making.

You can support us by becoming a patron on our Patreon page or donate directly via Paypal. If you’d like to donate Bitcoin, please use this code: bc1q7r9gvaktyhkcwxssuz30ethm9weufcyhw779yr


From the list below we need two or more of all the items because we will record A and B roll. Which means we have to have two camera’s.

2X Sony A7C (£1,699.00) £3.398.00
2X Tamron 17-28mm F/2.8 (£769.99) £1.539,98
4X Sony NP-FZ100 (£65.00) £240
2X Hahnel ProCube2 Sony (£75.00) £150
2X JOBY JB01561-BWW GorillaPod 5K Video PRO Kit, Flexible Professional Tripod – Black (£114.74) £229,48
2X RØDE Camera and Audio VideoMic with Rycote Lyre Mount with Deadcat (£113.44) ) £226,88
4X SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro 128GB 170 MB/s U3 V30 (£43.00) ) £172.00
2X PolarPro VND 82mm 2/5 stops Peter McKinnon Signature Edition II (£227.97) ) £455,94
2X Rode Wireless Go II  + Lav mic + Travel case (£301.80) ) £603,60
2X Polarpro Belay Quick-Release Camera Strap [1.5-inch] (£60.00) ) £120.00
Lenovo Thinkpad Mobile Workstation P1 G4: £3000.00
Total: £10135,88



Photo: Henry Söderlund, Flickr

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