A cold winter day in Kabul – Shoaib Hanifi’s Photography


Up-and-coming photographer Shoaib Hanifi walked around Kabul to shoot portraits of Kabul residents during a cold winter day. Shoaib ventures regularly into the city or the country side on the hunt for portraits and landscapes that capture the spirit of Afghanistan. The pictures below are a small sample of his work. If you like his work, make sure to follow him on Instagram: @shoaibhanifii.

Although it was a cold day, 22 year old Jahid was out with his horse at an amusement park to offer people short rides. The young man who is originally from Laghman said that he earns about 700 Afghanhis on a good day.
Waris is only 13 years old. The young boy from Paghman was at work all day selling traditional Afghan snacks on the side of the road.
Jafar handcrafts brooms in his small shop. The 32 year old entrepeneur stuggles but still remains resilient. When asked about his life, he said: I am grateful to God.
A security guard watches over an amusement park.
On old a familiar face for residents of Kabul. Sayed Jan is one of the well known carpet salesmen in Kah Foroshi street. Although way past the age of 60, Sayed Jan continues to run his business every day.
Khawas is 53 years old. In his shop he sells traditional percussion instrument called Dayra or tambal. He also sells bird cages, kitchen appliances and children’s toys. He is accompanied by his son in his shop.