The Afghan Eye Podcast provides a counter-narrative to what mainstream media portrays of Afghanistan. We challenge stereotypes about Afghans and Muslims in general that have been instrumentalised in the War on Terror.

A critical review of the Afghanistan Study Group's report The Afghan Eye

On 3rd February 2021, the Afghanistan Study Group published a report recommending the Biden administration to keep US troops in Afghanistan past the May deadline. This will effectively violate the US-Taliban Agreement signed in February 2020. Ahmed-Waleed Kakar and Sangar Paykhar scrutinize the report, its key arguments, the implications of its suggested courses of action, and the motivation of its authors. Link to the report: https://www.usip.org/publications/2021/02/afghanistan-study-group-final-report-pathway-peace-afghanistanSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/Afgeye)
  1. A critical review of the Afghanistan Study Group's report
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